AGAME Test Recon by Paaco Apps

AGAME Test Recon is an app to run test cases directly step by step on your phone or tablet besides the screen of the application you are testing. It tracks progress and pass/fail test results. And it instantly shows you or your project leader the current test progress and an overview of the test results of all test runs.

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Write your requirement list and test cases on your laptop and copy them to your phone or tablet. Then import them into AGAME Test Recon and run test cases.

Unique features

Install AGAME Test Recon today and find out how it can improve your testing experience!

Example files for requirements and test cases

Example requirement list and test case in Consolas.

;Start off with a single word category name

; This file contains requirements in two columns: key, description
; The description can contain #tags, #tag-2 or #tag.3
REQ-1, First requirement #tag1
REQ-2, #Must Second requirement

REQ-3, Third requirement, with a large description
 that spans multiple indented lines.

;Test cases also start off with a single word category name

; This file contains test cases, written like this:
Test-1: #REQ-1 Test the first requirement
First step
> Expectation of the first step

Test-2: #REQ-2 #tag1 Test the second requirement
1. Press the green button
> A green light is shown on the screen
2. Press the red button
> The green light goes off and a red light is shown on
  the screen.
3. Press the blue button
> All lights go off and a blue screen is shown.

Screen shots

Browse test cases and requirements, optionally showing results of a test run.

Overview of open and passed test cases and the list of requirements

Running a test case and recording the result.

Running a test case

Overview of executed test runs instantly showing current test progress and passed failed counts.

Overview of progress of all test runs